Brand: Adidas

Size Range: UK 3.5 – 13.5

Price: £99.95


What’s good guys??? I know I have been gone for a while, I’ve been so busy dabbing* (pipe it up) in to many life ventures but, I’m back with my first post for the month of May. It actually sounds so sad considering we are fifteen days in to the month of May.

So today’s post features the Adidas NMD R1, in a simple black colourway. Personally to me when I think of Adidas in 2017, I think of comfort and performance. Considering Adidas have been dabbling with boost technologies for years now, the boost technologies within the NMD’s are exceptionally amazing (if I do say so myself).


Before getting in to the actual review let me give you insight in to what exactly boost technologies is and how it works. With new technologies surfacing everyday,  Adidas have manage to create a sneaker boosted with small capsules within the sole. Doing so enables the sneaker to release endless and I mean endless amounts of energy with every step, jump or run.

These sneakers feel very snug and secure, sizing is up to preference, as they do come in half sizes also just incase you wanted to size up or down. The best thing like about these joints is that they do not show your toes through the fabric. Maybe it could be because of the black colour, but lately there a lot of sneakers trying to adopt the sock like look and the downside of this is the visibility of your toes. (I’m not a foot person so seeing feet or toes just makes me cringe loool).


Very light weight, you do not feel like you are carrying extra luggage on your feet. Personally I feel these kicks are ideal for everyday wear. With my pictures, ive showcased a more sporty look but, don’t let that discourage your interest in this sneaker. The simplicity of the black/blue colourway allows you to throw these babies on with any outfit. Definitely the Adidas NMD’s add a dash of sport fashion, whilst manages to stay true to the Original Adidas 3-Stripes.

The price tag behind the Adidas NMD R1 is pretty pricey starting at £100, but think of it this way…

“you are paying for quality, durability and technology”

I know I sound like an Adidas marketer right now, however I wouldn’t advocate for a sneaker or a brand I do not like. Although these are my first pair of an Adidas boost technologies sneaker I must say, I definitely wasn’t disappointed with the performance of these kicks.



Get my colourway here via JD Sports !

Overall Ratings: 

Sizing: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Versatility: 4/5 

Price: 3.5/5





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