Brand: Nike

Size Range: UK 3 – 12

Price: RRP £95.00 (currently on sale £66.49, use code ‘extra20‘ for 20% extra off)


I still haven’t managed to get the new Nike Air VaporMax (to be honest the shoes are lit, but not £170 worth of lit, so they aren’t on my to buy list anytime soon). I hope you enjoyed reading the last post, because not only do I want to blog about sneakers but further down the line, I wish to talk more about the behind the scenes sneaker action also, like press events and new releases etc…


So today I’m featuring the Nike Sock Dart in the light grey colour way. Take this post in as I probably won’t be featuring Nike sneakers for a while, only because I’ve dedicated this whole month of March to them (ahh look at the dedication). Well before purchasing this sneaker I contemplated for such a long time. I just wasn’t sure what to think of the sneaker, I mean original RRP is £95 (do I look like I want to pay that much for a sock???) But, until you try these babies on honestly, please have an open mind.

They are a bit difficult to put on, but once you tackle the task.  They are super lightweight on your feet and really do feel like socks. I’m not a big fan of seeing my toes through the fabric, so maybe for me, a darker colour would have been more ideal.

Although the sneaker is supposed to feel like a sock, for such a light-weight sneaker it does feel quite secure on foot. This is because of the strap running over the top of the sneaker. The strap was quite fiddly to figure out in the beginning, but once I figured it out the strap did help with the snug feel and it enabled a more personalised fit.




Overall I’ll definitely be rocking this sneaker all summer long, mainly because of the adaptable comfort and the breathable mesh layer on top. It really does feel like your feet are breathing, as everytime you take a step you feel a gush of air circulate around your toes.

As always I hope you enjoyed!

Stay lit,

Jemilat x


the "t" is silent.

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