Nike London ON AIR: Celebrating 30 Years of AIR MAX

Heyy guys, what’s good ???

Let’s start this week with a recap of last week, if you follow me on my social media (Instagram: jemilat), then you would have had a more up to date insight on what I’ve been up to. Well I don’t know if any of you noticed, but during this month of March I had been posting only Nike sneakers. Reason why is because Nike are celebrating 30 years of Air MAX by launching the new Air VaporMax which launched last Sunday (March 26th 2017, Air MAX Day).

In collaboration with Complex UK , Nike London set up a vibrant creative space in central London for us creatives to explore our inner passions. The workshop commenced over a course of three days where people got an opportunity to learn about interactive design, photography and music production.

Although they all seemed enticing to me, I chose to participate in the interactive design beginners workshop (don’t switch up on me, I got big plans) hosted by @nataliastuyk an East London-based video artist (check her out, her work is very vibrant and eccentric). During the course of the 4 hour session Natalia taught us how to produce 3D animations, which captured light, air and movement. (Pree my instagram to watch my VaporMax 3D design.)

vapour max
The New Nike VaporMax

Releasing March 26th 2017. RRP £170

Just to add a side note although, it is Nike Air Max** month I didn’t have multiple fresh pairs of Air Max’s to post throughout the month. The pairs I own are so run down I actually run around and beat them up. Because of this I decided to show appreciation in general during the month of March and post my favourite Nike sneakers.

first ever air max
First ever pair of Air Max 1’s (Unreleased, apparently these are worth £££).
To be very honest I dunno how I feel about the new Nike VaporMax, personally they are nice and futuristic to look at but, I dunno how I would style them (they will probably look best with joggers or with a space suit). There isn’t really much for me to say about the sneaker seeing as I do not own a pair. But from reviews from the people I met at the London On AIR studio, many have said….

….they feel like they are walking on AIR !!!

picture by me, of Alice Stewart (@alicestewwwart) ‘video graphics designer’, styling the new Nike Air Vapour Max
I didn’t want to talk too much in this post, I just wanted to share the awesome day I had with Nike x Complex UK: London on AIR studio and show my appreciation of Nike as brand in general.

 I’ll try do a proper review on the new VaporMax soon, but until then I’ve got another Nike review for you guys this week.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 🙂


studio 3


air max 1



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