Brand: Nike

Size: UK 5.5/ EU 38

Price: £79.99 (Juniors) // £129.99 (Adults)



Good evening, happy monday let’s kick start this week with an OG sneaker, which I personally like to refer to as ‘spider man sneakers’. I call them spider man, just because I feel the design of the shoe shows similarity to spider mans costume from the amazing spider man movie. (can you vision what I’m saying??)

A little back story…. I bet not many people know that the Nike Tuned 1 initially was launched as the Nike Air Max Plus. But shortly after their debut to the sneaker game they became commonly known as the Nike Tuned 1. But, to be honest I prefer ‘Tuned 1/ TN’s” mainly because they allow the sneaker to be recognizable by name.


Here I chose to go for the all red colour way because honestly, I wanted all red flamboyant sneaker. As much as many of you may associate this sneaker as as a trap shoe, the all red just adds a hint of bad and bougie. (Omd did you see what I just did there looool)

Before some of you switch off and stop reading this post, these Nike TN’s come in a variety of colours. I know not all of you wouldn’t probably be interested in an all red colour way. Again with the nike air technology infused within the sole of the shoe, you’ll feel like you are walking on cushions (literally). The coolest feature of the sneaker to me, is this time you can actually see the nike air cushioning technology, giving such a staple air max sneaker and futuristic look.



The sneaker gives you an OG trendy design alongside comfort, giving you the best of both worlds. Almost looking a like a caged sneaker, the sneaker is made of up of a variety of textures. TN’s are iconically known for their distinct mesh/ synthetic detailing giving consumers a fashionable athletic sneaker . Not only could you wear to these shoes to the gym or for any type of athletics, you could purchase them just to add some spice to your outfits.

The sneakers are very true to size and give you snug fit. You can adjsut the comfort of the sneaker with the laces, in the pictures as you can see i’ve chosen to tie up the laces and tuck them in. But, on rare occasions I prefer to loosen the laces and leave them untied. It’s all up to you how you would like to style them. I wouldn’t reccommed leaving the laces untied though if you intend on using the sneaker for sporty/ athletic use (you might trip and bust your lip loool).

Now I must admit these sneakers are on the higher scale of pricey as they do origially sell for £129.99, if you are not a junior size. This is not a shocker to those who have ever had a pair from the Nike Air Max line, as they are known to be expensive. Because of the distinct hate it or love it design,  I understand not many people would splash out over one hundred pounds for one sneaker.

I would advise if you are interested in the Nike Air Max line, there are other designs such as the Air Max 1, 90 or 95’s. It would be best to check out the other designs before making such a huge purchase on the Nike TN’s.

Overall Ratings: 

Sizing: 5/5

Comfort: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

Versatility: 3/5

Price: 2/5

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Stay wavy, stay lit and stay blessed 🙂

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