Brand: Adidas

Size: UK 5/ EU 38

Price: £79.99

Availability: // // // //


Hi again, I know you are probably thinking “what another superstar review?” (Okay, you may not be thinking that, but just roll with me here). Well I hope you enjoyed my last review on the chrome metal toe black suede superstars.

Back at it again with another signature superstar 80’s review. Here we have the trace cargo suede upper, with the classic rubber shell toe. The sizing of the shoe, in my opinion is true to size. They do run slightly larger in size, but not enough for you to size up or down.

One of the best attributes to this shoe in comparison to the metal toe superstars, are that they are comfortable. Finally a sneaker which is fashionable and comfortable at the same time. So if you are a fan of superstars and you would like to jazz up your look, without wearing the original white/black superstars. Then I would definitely advise you go for the suede and rubber shell toe collection.

Adidas are a notable brand who produce great quality products, there is no doubt about the durability of this sneaker. Although suede can be hard to maintain, this can be a turn off to many people. I do advise in investing in a good rain or stain protector, if you were interested in going for this collection of suede superstars.

Personally I love the colour khaki, its such a neutral colour after white, black and grey. To go for this colour, it’s probably best to have a look in your closet. I mean you don’t want to purchase a sneaker, only to end up not having any outfits to pair it with. However if you really are feeling this colour way, wear as a block colour. Wear them with an outfit where the sneaker are your only form of colour. (e.g a denim, white or black).

Okay yes the shoes to some, can be viewed as pricey. But it’s really about the quality and i believe this is a well crafted sneaker, where it’s been made to be durable and fashionable. If you’re really feeling this sneaker, just close your eyes to the price and purchase (lool i’m such an impulsive spender). Or you could do what smart people do and watch the shoe until it goes on sale.

Overall Ratings: 

Sizing: 4/5

Comfort: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

Versatility: 3/5

Price: 3/5


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