Brand: Adidas

Size: UK 5/ EU 38

Price: £84.99

Similar Availability: (no longer available online or in stores) //


First of all let me just say the Adidas Superstar 80’s are probably my all time favourite pair of sneakers ever made. Originally debuting to the sneaker game in 1969 (way, way before I was born), the timeless superstar 80’s in my opinion have been probably running the sneaker game ever since.

The first pair of superstar 80’s I owned, were back when I was around 10 years old. Legit I thought I was the littest kid around with superstars on my feet. Fast forward 12 years later with many other superstars in between, I now own this pair. And please believe again I still feel like the waviest 22 year old about (I feel like a real G, like nobody can chat to me loool).

** side note definition: ‘littest’ – an exaggerated version of ‘lit’, meaning bloody amazing.

Okay enough of the back story let me get in to this review. Here we have an all black suede colour way, with a touch of attitude chrome metal toe shell on a white sole base. The suede meshed with the chrome metal toe gives the shoe an element of exclusivity and distinctiveness. At first glance on a store shelf or on feet, the shoe draws you in as to what brand or style they are. But if you are a sneaker fan, then instantly know you will acknowledge the superstar 80’s style with a fashionable twist.

The sizing of this sneaker runs large in my opinion. Although my sneaker sizing can range depending on the shoe make or brand. I would definitely advise trying on this pair in store and going a size down. Reason being the shoe runs a bit wide so ordering online could equal disappointment and annoyance of having to exchange for another size.

This shoe is comfortable but not as cushioned and comfortable as the original superstar shell toes. Because of the awkward sizing your outer toes may suffer a bit whilst breaking the shoe in. I believe this is because of the metal toe. Not many shoes have element of metal chrome to the shoe, maybe because evidently they are not expandable. I’m not saying the shoes are excruciating, they are bearable but if you have extremely wide feet then I wouldn’t advise going a size down (probably best you wear cushioned socks).

The shoes are very durable !!

Believe it or not I have had this pair for almost a year now, hence the reason they are no longer available in store. The suede is very easy for me to maintain and protect (holy grail: crep protect). The benefit of the metal toe is it, maintains structure to the shoe. The shoe no matter how many times you were it will always maintain structure. Which personally to me makes the shoe a good run for my money.

In summary I would say if you are a big sneaker fan and you want an exclusive piece, this pair if you have it already is a good pair to keep. But then if you aren’t much of a sneaker head, I would say this is a pricey shoe, especially when it doesn’t give you the best of comfort. Like I wouldn’t advise one to wear this shoe for hours. Think of them like a pair of your favourite comfortable heels. “They are comfortable but you couldn’t wear them all night long” (Lool maybe some of could but you get i’m saying).

Would I purchase them again? 

Hell yeah, beauty is pain.

Overall Ratings: 

Sizing: 3/5

Comfort: 3/5

Durability: 4.5/5

Versatility: 5/5

Price: 3/5


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